SIXT Group Romania at ZF Transport, Logistics & automotive Summit 2018

Tal Lahav CEO SIXT Group Romania:

Today, at ZF Transport, Logistics & automotive Summit 2018, organized at Marriott, I had the occasion to express my optimistic perspective about the Romanian economy. Many details, but some key points only bellow:

The Romanian Economy has a huge potential:

·         low new cars sold / high SH cars sold / high SH cars imported /  high traffic blockage

·         low cars per capita

·         old car park (and mainly diesel and polluting)

·         undeveloped operational leasing market

·         growth of business and leisure – internal and external

·         growth outside Bucharest

·         growing economy – mainly private consumption driven


Minimal action taken:

·         highways and roads

·         Infrastructure

·         regulatory instability – salaries multiple changes, pollution, tax on cars, long term investments

·         scrapping (rabla) program

·         inflation/ deficit/ debt


Further steps:

1.       Government economic stimulation through long term projects (infrastructure, facilities, electric) and employment and not short term inefficiencies

2.       Regulation regarding pollution and car ownership

3.       Decrease importing & usage of old polluting cars resulting in better health and less traffic and blockage

4.       Comprehensive and relevant scrapping programs

5.       Political and regulatory stability

6.       Incentives / enforcement against off the books economy and cars tampering