„Above all – we treat our employees as family. We created an environment of honesty, transperancy, loyalty, and openess. Each of our employees knows that he is working for a company that will listen to him , that will allow and push him to develop, and that will take care of him at a time of need. Furthermore our employees know that we care to give back to less fortunate, that we care to develop education, and that we care to develop better Romania for us and our children. And when employees know that this is the work environment, they come, they stay, and they develop.


I believe that the most important asset of a company is the team, the employees. Our team is young, smart, motivated and driven by the Always Yes attitude. Most of our young managers and employees are part of our team for years. Our people act and feel in the Always Yes spirit, as they were formed as professionals in this spirit. They feel this company as a family and, more than that, they feel empowered by the fact that their contribution to this company really matters.”- Tal Lahav

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