About one of those rare occasions

Yesterday evening, New Kopel Group was twice on the Spotlight. It was one of those rare occasions when there is no doubt that "in the end, it is all about people".

Our people defines the Always Yes. Energy identity and lead the business to succes. 

What me and Silvana Sima, our COO received it is not just 2 awards, but the reword for our team that, YES, is a winning one. Silvana was awarded for THE MOST CREATIVE LEADERSHIP in the “Most Admired Business Women Awards Gala 2017 “, organized by Business Arena. She steped on the red carpet representing our company with respect and admiration. I was awarded as one of "THE TOP 3 CFO 2016”, a succesfull year for New Kopel Group as a direct efect of a smart financial management where many other very important people from our team contributed.

It was a victory won in a battle where only big companies become winners. That means years of work, efforts and dedication from the people that are always defining the name of a company.

Our people are talented, passionate and creative, the perfect mix for keeping New Kopel Group on the Always Yes. Energy level and attract positive energy for success.

Thank you all!

Lets keep beeing winners!

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